Elite celebrities think they will ascend and become gods
When they reach diamond status
In the 12 step Jewel Programming
That involves shock trauma hypnosis and drugs

But they are only immortalized in statues
And other life like creations

Death is a transition of consciousness
When we die our souls become like bees
Swarming around a bee hive

Searching for the right frequency to enter back in

Consciousness is not confined to biological structures

One creates their reality through imagination
By aligning their highest desires and purpose with that of the energy field

The universe recognizes the power of the heart
By the electrical waves it sends out

So match the frequency of the reality that you want
And you will get that reality

Our brains are transmitters and receivers
Of various frequencies

Think high vibrations
And sweep away negativity

This is a mind realm
This simulation will give you
What you focus on

As we enter this higher fourth dimension
Whatever that does not serve us has to fall away

Dismantle dysfunctional programming

The universe is a unified energy field
We access other realms
Through higher frequencies

And it is a feedback loop

Act like an amplifier and increase your charge
The deep contents of the psyche will become processed
Limitations will be transcended
And awareness will expand
Resulting in emotional healing

And our world of encapsulated egos and separation
Will then include others
Including other species

But you must make your future dreams
A present fact
By assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled!