Where is your focus of attention
What type of reality are you tuning yourself into

Positive and negative realities are running at the same time
The reality you tune into is the reality you are going to see

Your hologram mimics your vibration
If you tell yourself you are without that is what you will project

Tell yourself you are helping others and follow through
By doing so you will put yourself on a positive momentum
And a system of abundance

You will then attune you molecular structure to reach a certain resonance
And crystallize the vibration in your consciousness

You need to be healthy and on a good diet or else you will not sustain it
You are the projector you are god

New frequencies are coming in
Positive people are rising to the surface
Negative people will not be able to continue their timeline

Your binary codes are resonating with the new frequencies
The heart structure will activate the sequence

A switch will turn on and there will be self healing
Your chakras will react and resonate to the new timeline you have achieved

We carry memory codes into each new reality
In order to completely heal give a thank you for your trauma

Imagine you are completely healed and believe it 100 percent
Feel the positive frequency emotion and hold it
You will then create a new version of yourself where everything is positive

We are in the quantum field where all you see is another hologram
Create a reality with a positive belief system

Life is an ascension process
And humanity will not be stopped!