As we breathe in oxygen
We take in free electrons and ionized plasma

We breathe in an electric charge
The more we breathe in
The more electric juice we inhale which gets distributed throughout our body

Shallow breathing restricts the electrical current
Wearing a mask blocks the electrical life force

Hemoglobin in the blood carries the electricity throughout our body
Our heartbeat is an electrical pulse
Our brainwaves are electrical currents
Our cells have an electrical voltage
Our bones are piezoelectric and generate a charge
Collagen in our tissues and muscles are electrical conductors
And we have a magnetic field

The consequences of tension arrests the flow of electricity
Electrical circulation gets reduced

The more emotions you do not express
The more of your life force you cut off
And the lower your battery voltage becomes

When feelings have not been digested and integrated
And we have not forgiven ourselves nor others
The unexpressed emotional pain finds an alternative way to express itself

Etheric parasites will feed off the imbalance in our energy field
Sound can resonate harmony and balance
And put the field in tune
A body full of vitality will not attract energy leeches

In the former culture bells tuned to a specific frequency kept away evil spirits
The bells were purposely cracked and many were melted and destroyed during WW2

Organs that emanated healing energy were in power centers called cathedrals because of the vibrating cathode energy
They were places where the glory of god lived

Tuning forks resonate at different levels of frequency overtones and undertones
I recommend Eileen McKusick to learn about tuning forks
Royal Raymond Rife used a frequency machine to remove viruses harmful bacteria and to promote general healing

We have an electrical geometric template
That is the blueprint of life
Electrical blockages and areas of chaos need to be opened and restored to full capacity

The Corona virus is a nano computer bot that can be undone
5G towers are sending microwaves which empower them
Spending time away from 5G where no signal can hit you will disassemble the microbots

Horseradish borax and bentonite clay should also be taken
Along with frequency healing

Be an advocate for a beautiful world
By resonating in yourself beauty truth harmony and order!