Consciousness is a state of awareness
That you are constantly shifting realities
That you create and merge with by vibrational frequencies

Everyone is in their own reality
While continually merging in and out of other peoples reality

When you vibrate at higher more positive levels
You will attract the same
And see less and less of lower negative vibrational realities

The reality you dream in is based on your fractal momentum

The heart holds the highest resonance for quicker manifestation
It will put you above the structure of the 3D archon platform

The higher dimensional levels can pop into our reality
And transform the energy into light

Higher dimensional beings can manipulate the matrix by accessing it at the quantum level
They can rewrite our DNA codes by integrating other versions of ourselves

Off world technology exists that can perfectly replicate our bio photonic resonance
And insert that image into a parallel structure hologram

Our energy centers or chakras are also energy blocks
Which need to be opened

They have been curtailed to keep us in the artificial matrix
And in a low vibration of suffering

This is a time of amazing spiritual change
And extraordinary energetic activation of our light bodies

We are rising to new levels
Because of the powerful energy coming in

It is a time of transformation
Where there is a need for all of us to bring our vibrations up!