The black cube of Saturn is a massive holding tank of soul energy
Harvested from blood sacrifice
Whether it be ritual war or deception

The cube is symbolized by black robes
Worn by participants at Illuminati ceremonies
And by judges in the courts of justice

Those in authority who run and enforce the human control system follow a program
Like worker ants or drone bees following the program broadcast by the Queen who is the Draco
They are unknowing prisoners of the matrix themselves

We are an experiment of Highly advanced alien DNA
Being further experimented on by the Saturn Moon Matrix

Which is transforming our once vibrant consciousness into computer programs
That run cycles of repetitive perceptions and behavior
Blocking us from perceiving what we otherwise would experience

We now only operate in a narrow band of resonance
Because 10 strands of our original 12 strand DNA has been shut off and is dormant

All life on earth carries extraterrestrial genetic codes which need to be reactivated
To allow us to override the waveform of matrix information
And help us see beyond what we have been seeing

Saturn is an enormous broadcasting system
With ring tones of different frequency
The rings are a product of manipulation and are not natural

The altered waveforms generate an otherwise unexplainable constantly spinning 6 sided hexagon at its north pole
Which rotates in sync with its recorded radio emissions

There is also a massive constantly spinning storm system at Saturns south pole
Called the Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings

The moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer
It is a monitoring device that has only been there for hundreds of years

The rings of Saturn appeared at the dawn of creation
After the Atlantean and Lemurian holocausts

They are an endless stream of transmissions
That scramble our heart brain coherence
And disorient their relationship with the nervous system

The Reptilian and Gray interference has almost been played out
And the original engineers of our DNA are intervening!