We exist in our thought hologram
Which is in the projection of a greater hologram

We are each an individual universal god particle
From the dawn of creation
Where seeds of light were breathed into the eternal

We manifested into this reality to have full abundance
Projecting our hearts desire
And behave in any manner that delighted us

Our inner musical song was woven in tri frequency links
As we merged and became one with our cosmic self

Our DNA contains spiritual information
That are coded with creator capacity

We have the golden keys to the doors of the universe
That can only be opened by the heart
And from the self realization of who we are

As we reclaim our full sovereignty status
We connect to our true essence

We are incarnate beings from the Source
And our inner star is the guidance to the eternal light

That ignites in us flames of clear blue spirit fire
And sapphire diamond frequencies

Reawakening our genetic bonds
And once again initiating us into the Universal coded frequency
Of all that is!