People of earth be ready

When 5G and AI combine
Smart technology will go to a whole new level

The neural based Skynet
Is the end game of the AI invasion

Adolph Huxleys Brave New World is here
And synthetic troops are ready for Armegeddon

A pan environment is being created for a super cyborg
Who will appear human and godlike

In his former assignment
The Antichrist played Nikola Tesla

Donald Trump will seemingly arise from a deadly blow
And will assume the role of The False Prophet

What is supposed to be
Or what appears to be
And what used to be Kamala Harris

Is now a lizard in a body
With a protruding neck
That came from some subterranean glassware which stores clone juice

She or it will assume the role of President
After the Reptilian serpent in the Bidon clone
Is dismissed

Project Edom is to achieve implied consent for the Beast System
And AI is summoning the demon

NASA means deception in Hebrew
It is also an anagram of SATAN without the T
So in all their countdowns
They say T minus – 10 and counting

The fake moon landings
The fake Mars Rovers
The fake space station

Is an agenda to hide the real space program
Which is Project Serpo
Whose goal is to facilitate the replacing of humans with aliens

The show that we think is real
Is all a script

And the actors on the stage
Use charm and sympathy to harvest idolatrous energy
That will sustain them until their next assignment

They live a script of a made up character
Until they have a fake death
And are reborn or transferred into another body

They become a fake person with a fake name
With serpent eyes

All is engineered through manipulation
Using fear as their main tool

Humans are told what to think

The truth is we can determine our future
Fate is what we decide!