Our universe contains life on multiple levels of reality
When a race of beings who harbor elitist views of supremacy
Understands the holographic architecture
They can use frequency as a mind control weapon

Inorganic holograms of refracted light beamed directly
Or through plasma TV screens
Manipulate the mind with overlays of perception

By controlling ones identity
The consciousness is controlled to be subservient to the alien agenda

The ego is a filter in the coccyx
It is a holographic insert called the reptilian tail

Controlling the collective mind and harnessing our vital essence
Becomes a massive power source

There have even been warring conflicts between intruding factions
Over the dominion of human consciousness

Perpetual lies about our timelines and the world we live in
Are designed to take the vital energies
Of the human multidimensional soul

We have to realize who we are where we are and what is going on
The binary fields of reptilians do not belong here

We are beings of light

The bio photons in our DNA
Are assessed by microwave technology

The domination agenda is in full swing
The fake Covid crisis is being enforced
By the puppets of non human controllers

We have individual sovereignty
And are designed to be heart based

Do not succumb to dark infiltration

We are experiencing ourselves with an idea
Of what it means to be human

And dreaming of what it means to be human
In our particular consciousness

Produce a symphony of your reality
With high electrical patterns
And project them into perceptual space!