Crystals are arithmetic flowers formed by electric currents

They do not originate from magma cooling and solidifying deep in the mantle of the earth
Then somehow rising up to the surface

They are atomic arrangements that grow into more intricate geometric shapes
By the influence of electrical stimulation
Many crystals are six sided columns with pointed tips

Diamonds are pure carbon crystallized in octahedrons
Cut diamonds showcase sparkle and clarity

Crystals help you become in touch with your emotions
Women are typically more sensitive and thus emotionally complex
That is why diamonds are a girls best friend

All gemstones and humans have their individual unique vibrating energy
We are attracted to certain minerals and crystals because of shared vibration

We have our own very minute magnetite crystals in our brain
That attract and send forth energy

Star garnets have a star shaped light emanating from them
They were formed by powerful electrical currents that trapped photons inside

Humans have the ability to permeate all existence
With our wide range of vibrational emotions
We radiate numerous patterns of energy

The emotional energy of sexuality will activate dormant DNA
Powerful orgasms will cause the whole body to vibrate

During sexual activity it is easier to hold a potent positive frequency
That is transmitted up the spine and into the plasma field

Because they are more in tune emotionally
Women want to be penetrated at the deepest level of their soul

They want to melt their feminine softness
Into the power of a strong masculine presence

They want to be fully stimulated by sex and love
And carried away to higher states by someone they can trust

Under the right conditions sexual stimulation
Will generate powerful universal life force vibrations

That will become embedded in the soul
Throughout eternity!