Because the world is vibrating at a higher frequency
The planned earth changes are not manifesting

In college fraternities there is a hell week
Which pledges have to endure
In order to get initiated as a member

A hell week was planned for the world
A downdraft of a vortex issuing from a portal
Creating red skies and 3 days of darkness

An apocalypse of the fractal verse
Or coding loops emanating from the collective consciousness
Was designed to bring in the New World Order

A breakdown of the sky
With plasma formations looking like fire breathing dragons
And celestial glow worms taking on many different forms
Sending tremors into ones very core

Anything is possible
It depends on ones mind

As plasma pours into our realm
Our bodies will become plasma possessed

It will seek to perfect what is in our DNA
To reconstruct and resequence it to suit our new environment

If you are full of pig DNA from eating pork
You will turn into a pig person

As the field is energized
Telepathy will increase

Connections to others will be amplified
As will connections to your higher self in the multiverse
We will understand that our past and present is filled with purpose

You will have memories of other alternative realities
And memories of parallel universes where things are just a fraction off

Anode and cathode beams will shoot out of the hollow earth at various places

The Antarctic ice wall which prevents us from traveling to other realms will melt
Pacific rim volcanoes will erupt

Always do actions from the heart
To provoke a better outcome

If you learn how to direct energy
You will become a master

As we approach the walls of the holy temple
We will enter the radiant gates of the Most High
By projecting a positive reality!