The Sentient World Simulation
Is a synthetic mirror of this world
With continuous automated calibration

It encompasses the behavior of individuals in the real world

PAI stands for Personal AI
Which is your avatar that will exist in the sentient world simulation

It is a psychological operation that is being promoted in video games
Having a personal AI or avatar is supposed to free us up from mundane tasks

The elite and their reptilian handlers are so far into their timelines
They feel nothing can stop them

They think they can bypass the law of cause and effect or Karma
By constantly moving their souls into increasingly advanced synthetic bodies
And putting us into a mirror world
Where they will feed off our energy

Vaccines make you more compatible to AI
Reducing your aura and your connection to higher realms

Genetic changing mRNA is put in hydrogel
Which is a toxic liquid mixed with nano particles

Otherwise the free floating genetic material
Would be attacked by the human body

Because they fell short of their aspirations of vaxxing 70 percent of the population
They are now putting the mRNA vaccines in farm animals

Since 95 percent of humans eat animals
The unvaxxed will be literally eating the vaccine

Even their highly subsidized cricket factories
Are experimenting injecting crickets with mRNA

Fear is an emotion that helps set in motion the negative agenda
Emotion is energy in motion

Negativity and fear change the spin of quantum particles
And makes humans easy to control

The physical world is based on the spiritual

Religion is not spiritual as it promotes the idea of humans being helpless
In need of a savior

It also distorts our true history
Which then blinds us to our true past
And who we really are

Science as taught in our education system
Is a form of religion

Listen to your heart
Follow your intuition
And you will overcome the world!