The human energy field is an array of oscillating energy centers
Of interacting crystalline structures
That make up a multidimensional blueprint

Humans are biological crystals that must be balanced
And can malfunction from trauma or harmful artificial energy waves

As energy shifts from incoming plasma are activating the crystal core
Higher frequencies become available

As electrons are being stripped from atoms
And ionization takes place
Our atomic structure of carbon is being changed
To the less dense compound of silicate

Which activates the silicate matrix
And our biological spiritual template

Giving us the radiance of the creative fore of the universe
And the greater ability to extend goodness
To all of earths inhabitants and to all of earths creatures
And the multiple expressions of life that exist here

The power to express the love and unity that exist in the organic source codes
That reflect the Universal Laws
Which are meant to abide in all of us

When our ionized bodies connect more fully
To the increasingly higher charged magnetic field
Which is the result of the earths activated crystalline network
We are able to embody hydroplasmic light

The ionic crystallization
Is creating massive plasma light crystals within the earth
And a variety of smaller sun star crystals

Our original angelic DNA holds consciousness records
In a natural bio spiritual internet
and are dimensional keys
That unlock doorways in the time matrix

Our bones are solid crystals
Making our skeletal structure a voltage generator and frequency transmitter

Everything we are exposed to has an energetic signature and frequency
That impacts our energy balance

Matter is in reality vortices of energy

In our fallen state we perceive only about one percent
Of the electronic wave spectrum

Crystals hold the blueprint of living consciousness records
That have been imprinted by complex patterns of frequencies
Into mathematical coding

The basic structure of crystals is silicon tetrahedron

Silicon is used as a semiconductor
Which is an essential part of most electronic circuits

A silicon chip holds thousands of tiny transistors
Used to amplify power and switch electronic signals

All computers rely on semiconductors and transistors
Made from silicate crystals

And are the reason why data bases
Can hold immense amounts of coded frequency information!silicate crystals, s