Wood resonates through several dimensions

When a Sasquatch bites into wood
They can match that frequency

Sasquatch are not just mammals
They have plant properties

The reason why wood is used as a magic wand
Is because a wand of wood can funnel your energy into a pinpoint

Hollywood is run by the occult
Whose ancestors were Druids

Druids used the wood of the Holly tree as a wand to funnel energy
And influence people

Hollywood television shows program the mind
TV programs manipulate a persons thinking to gain their consent

When a racehorse is no longer profitable they are shot in the head
Humans look at animals as objects to be used and consumed

By focusing on money and profit
Humans are dehumanized and animals are degraded into soulless beings

At the very top of the central banking system
Is off world control and manipulation

They use our fear of poverty and our egoistic greed
To build for ourselves prisons and anti life inventions

We are eternal beings
And now is the time to build for ourselves a pro life world
Where no one is harmed

Where our intentions are focused on good
And where we are not manipulated

This place will give us exactly what we focus on

We eat and exploit animals because we think we are superior
Reptilians from the other side are doing the exact same thing to us

When we cease that way of thinking
It will all end!