CERN shoots people in the past with shock waves by changing the density
The person then reappears in the place where the energy density is

The morphogenetic fields are coded with mathematical architecture
With living energetic current

With our frequency current we can internalize them into our circuitry

When one subscribes to a reversal frequency
Or believes in what refracted light from a distorted hologram is messaging
Then human souls can be trapped in dimensional planes
This is called soul binding

In former times we concentrated on the Divine Wholeness
Of the God Consciousness

Which was the golden architecture of the City of God
It was Saturn in the Holy of Holies
Sitting on the Throne
Which was the center of the Cosmic Cube or geometric Tesseract

Venus or Mother Quintessence was the catalyst
In animating the vortex points of the Celestial City Four Square
With her energetic current

The month of Quintiles was renamed July in honor of Julius Casaer
And Sextiles was renamed August in honor of Caesar Augustus

Because the heavenly city was dispersed
A calendar change was necessary
The months January and February were added

In the beginning bacteria cultures morphed into human bodies
We are still colonies of bacteria that have their own consciousness

The Divine Mother with her Mother Arc frequencies
Was instigated by the conjoining of Mars or Risen Christ
It was the Sacred Union or Heiros Gamos
It was the merging of the masculine and feminine energies

By focusing on this Sacred Marriage
One could direct their personal energy
And maximize their life force potential

Masterfully influencing their experience
Within the world of matter!