The universe is always responding to your vibration
Stay in the vibration of what you want to attract

You have the power to create a life of abundance
Create a vivid mental picture of what you wish to manifest
And stay focused on that image

Abandon any thought of scarcity or limitation
And maintain a mindset of abundance

You have the power to transform any situation
By the choosing of your thoughts and intentions

You become what you think about
Create a powerful positive vision of yourself and the world around you

We are here to manifest our deepest desires
Experience life in its entirety

When we are in emotional alignment with the universe
Possessing gratitude compassion and unconditional acceptance
We amplify the manifestation process

If you think you are weak then that is what you will manifest
If you focus on your positive unlimited potential then you will manifest that

Recognize your worth and accept your imperfections
You are deserving and capable of receiving all good things

Self love is an antidote for fear
Honoring your inherent beauty lets you appreciate the intricate tapestry of your own existence

Do not be trapped in an endless cycle of worry and anxiety
Do not identify with the problems and challenges that arise in your life

Mental constructs can be a source of delusion
Change the story you tell yourself and the problem disappears

If you think you are poor then you will accentuate the lack of money
Gratitude shifts your focus from what is lacking to what is abundant

Being thankful opens up the door of blessings
And allows them to flow into your life

The universe will bring us opportunities and synchronicities that support your path
It will align people and circumstances with your goals

Trust in divine timing
Have faith that everything is unfolding for your highest good

And permit the magic of manifestation to enter your life!