We are an avatar of our highest self
Surfing the merging waves of the grand cosmic plan
With the dark agenda

We have calm waters at the moment
But multiple surprises will happen at once
Causing tumultuous tidal waves

We can ride it out if we stand in our sovereignty

Knowing what is going on in the world makes you 4D
When you are in 3D you are very susceptible
To a false guidance and a false light

If you are on a path of alignment you can access beyond 4D

Memory cycle patterns are being pushed at the end times
Which flash a remembrance code in the subconscious

144,000 is a cosmic reset point
The great reset is an inversion of the cosmic reset

Nibiru is a program of a new beginning

When you move beyond the 4th dimension
A blue star fire ignites within the DNA

When you let go of the victim savior programming
The amount of energy your cells can hold increases

When you eat a healthy diet
Distorted rogue bioelectric signals will diminish

A long happy life is still available
Even to those who have taken the jab

But you have to commit to a spiritual path
Along with intensive detoxes

I would recommend the apple diet bentonite clay activated charcoal borax and baking soda
Also American Saffron tea Dandelion tea and Ginseng
I would not do shilajit

The vaccine will match your frequency with AI
Many now have a subconscious AI system
And will gradually merge with AI

The jabbed have let go of sovereignty
They can still ascend but it will be more difficult

Karma is the energetic consequence of choice

As the disclosure codes are unlocked
And a bright light shines on all that is hidden

As a false Atlantis arises
With the emergence of Apollyon and his army from the abyss

A white bird of justice will fly
Alongside a white dove of peace

And the outcome will depend
On our vibrational status!