Walk ins are beings who sneak back into the set
They are seekers after truth
And will infiltrate your movie in which you are the star

They tell you to transcend all your fear
So that you will be truly free
And able to enter the higher realms in the great beyond

They tell you that you have value
And that all life has value

That when you make peace with yourself
You make peace with God and the Universe
Because the biggest journey is the journey within

They say the world is not what you think
That you are being lied to on a massive scale
In order that you will consent to abandon your sovereignty and divinity

So that your life force can be exploited
And your energy used for nefarious purposes
Your soul is yours do not give it away

They say when you eat animals you accumulate a negative structure and dense frequencies
That locks you into a negative timeline

That you exchange frequencies with everyone you meet
And in intimate associations you aggregate the shed vibrations of your partner
Making you experience their timeline

That you are being poisoned on purpose
That you need to detox and purify your body

When you activate your physical body and your consciousness simultaneously
You produce new DNA sequences and thus new energetic forces
Which interacts with the energy field
Each reality has its own quantum sequence

That religions are control mechanisms
And when you pray without awareness your identity is harvested

You are then led to false conclusions
Where your mind is molded into a vehicle
In which your life energy can be easily expunged

Walk ins tell you that you can cocreate with the Universal Intelligence
Using natural laws and the Law of One
Which says that all life is connected
And how you treat others is how you treat yourself
Because it comes back to you

That this amplifies the sacred light and sound for consciousness expansion
Which connects you to the higher realms of the energetic cosmos

We once had spiritual wisdom and freedom but it was taken away
But now the pearlescent rainbow of star plasma
Is giving birth to a restoration of our true mitochondrial DNA

The intercessor of your show will eventually again go back stage
Maybe first he or she will take a bow and receive an applause
Before they fade away!