Tiergarten Park in Berlin Germany was a healing place for animals
It had a population of over 20,000
From 1380 different species

It was located on 35 hectares of vegetation

It still has the Victory Column
Which is studded with bronze ornaments
And resonates amazing properties

The Reichstag Dome had a huge coil in the middle
Made of the purest copper surrounded by mirrors
Copper domes harvested energy and served as capacitors

It produced the right frequencies that stimulated life
Plants in the park grew to an enormous size

The Elephant House resonated magical properties of atmospheric energy
Creating harmonic pulsations in the electromagnetic field
That prolonged life and increased stature of living beings

There were 44 bells throughout the park that chimed life giving vibrations
There still is a carillon consisting of 68 bells weighing a total of 48 tons
The largest bell is 7.8 tons

The carillon is connected to a keyboard spanning five chromatic octaves
The ethereal electromagnetic current promotes healing and elevated states

There was a Palace of amazing architecture
That also contributed to states of well being
But has been destroyed

Happiness reigned not only in the park but spread to the whole city of Berlin

Star forts were not forts but were vibrational communities
Built with sacred geometrical patterns
They provided a sense of joy and harmony

Fort Jefferson in the Florida Keys is composed of 16 million bricks
Leveraged water produced a magnetic frequency
That was absorbed by the design of the structure

The electrical waves then emitted back into the environment
And created an energy euphoria

Shanghai China was originally a starfort
Based on oscillating frequencies that affected the magnetic field

There are 91 starforts in the USA
Fort Pike in New Orleans is an eleven pointed star
The Statue of Liberty is on an old starfort

They provided incredible healing ability to all
Who resided inside the walls

The round windows in the old grand churches mosques and cathedrals were cymatic devices
That played the frequency of sound

The geometry of the sound transported you to a transcendental state
Which enlivened and mystified you

The organs resonated at a tone of 528 mhz

The spires on the top of steeples and towers were copper
Copper pulls electrons towards it producing a flow of electricity

Copper is extremely hard to mine and power tools are needed
The old copper mining town of Kennett is now under Shasta Lake

Dolomite was used inside the inner surface areas of pyramids
Pyramids such as the Bosnian pyramids were built with geo polymeric cement
Which has highly conductive quartz crystal

Together with the ionized water below
Pyramids produced gigantic waves of energy
Which was transmitted to obelisks for personal use

These were the good old days!