As the shadowy figures and demonic forms of the populace surface
The incredibly toxic asleep public will arise and seek truth

They will be heavily spiritually tested
And their chorus will either awaken them from their slumber or seal their fate

The new energetic blueprint and geomantic codes are directing frequencies
That override artificial control codes or implants

The Universal lightning rod is moving to a higher stage of spiritual activation
The stairway to heaven in the middle of our realm that once led the way to the House of God
Is reinstating our angelic human chromosomes
Making us once again extensions of the stars

666 is the spiraling of the plasma

The measurement of ourselves determines our spiritual and ethical choices
That make up our core soul being

If you are on a negative vibration
You will fall for negative manipulation

Emotions expressed properly makes for acceptance of oneself
Now is the time to positively identify who you really are and meant to be

Your religion is what you put your energy into
Do not make the system your religion
Which defines for you your identity and leads you to harm others

We did not evolve from a single cell ameba referred to as abiogenesis
There are not millions of galaxies above our fake accidental space rock

The system is trying to tell you that you are an evolution accident
That life formed from nothing and you do not matter

The Axis Mundi is forcefully pulsing into our realm synchronicity and meaningful coincidence
As the divine plan is restored
Which requires us to listen to our heart

The Revelation of God is a divine frequency

Our emotions are energetic thought forms
That are stored in channels in our brain called synapses
They are electric signals with active potentials
The release of is triggered by a decision

As we breathe in the liquid light plasma serum
We create an energetic unified pattern of a figure 8
That connects our glands and our organs
To the celestial electromagnetic consciousness
That is derived from Source

We cultivate our own spiritual garden inside our own crystal heart
By projecting an ascension protocol that assists others

The heart is what opens up the stargates!