Each pixel in the quantum field is a sound hologram
Your light body is a frequency resonance
Your light potency increases manifestation

When you send vibrational energies into the structure
And hold the vibration of the sine wave
Then you can go to the next level

Whatever you accumulate you shift to a specific location of consciousness
That expression will hold a particular resonance
Which will shift you to a certain platform

The light of our mathematical and crystalline nature of reality
Connects the spiritual world with the physical world

Interdimensional crystal lattices hold plasma fountains
And flower out spiritual light

Sacred geometrical patterns such as flaming circular wheels
Supported the golden palace of the city of light
Which was surround by seven heavens

Cathedrals of the previous eras emulated the heavenly
Opalescent colored palettes with gorgeous stain glass mosaics
Created circular kaleidoscope effects of stunning light murals

The extraordinary architecture of the Alhambra Palace on the coastline of Hispania
Is a divinely inspired masterpiece with advanced technologies
Linking the material world with the heavenly Edenic blueprints

Situated on ley line connection points
Which were fed by the Divine Mother or Venus
It procured a profound healing of the spirit
Reflecting our own inherent beauty with our inner divinity

The Venusian eternal flame of the Queen of Heaven transmitted light codes of virtue
From the true Eden which was its plasma garden
Powerfully uniting us with nature and all life within it

The Court of Lions in the Alhambra citadel
Is a representation of the heavenly orbs that surrounded Venus in the former epoch

The many marble water fountains spring from pure underground aquifers
And with the granite and quartz of the temple
Created a piezo electric effect that funneled aetheric energy
The waters were a source of eternal youth

The inscriptions adorning the walls are written in cursive calligraphy
They are mathematical and geometrical frequency tones held in light coded symbols
Written as blessings called the Baraka

The sacred geometric interplay with geographical energy had a divine purpose
Which was to uplift and enlighten humanity
And was beautifully displayed in the Alhambra complex!