Consciousness sweeps are energetic overlays
That monitor frequency waves
And insert mind slides
Which controls perception

Controlling frequencies transmit patterns of energy
Into peoples subconscious

As higher frequencies envelope the earth
A bifurcating effect of ascending and descending vibrations is taking place

Red Wave pulses are conducted on large groups
Like at stadiums during sporting events
Targeting the crowds with lower frequencies
Hijacking bio neurology and the mental map

Instilling a primitive level of ego personality
Devoid of conscience

Linking them to negative belief systems and violence
Instilled in their subconscious
By subliminal television programming

And to subconscious memories of fear and trauma

Fear based survival consciousness
Plays out victim and victimizer archetypes

Bringing out peoples shadow selves
Which are holographic artificial replications
Used to siphon energy
And generate a split between their higher and lower aspects

Their etheric aura layer develops holes
Which entities and dark forces exploit

We need to send our shadow selves to the zero point
And destroy the instruction set
So that it will cease to exist

Our choices have energetic consequences
Directly impacting our health and mind
And level of consciousness

If one is on the ascending pattern
Bio re genesis occurs in the present

If not bio re genesis is obtainable in the death passage

When we rid ourselves of destructive thought patterns and behaviors
We naturally create balance

When we align ourselves with nature
We create a positive energy flow

When we show compassion
By being an advocate for those who do not have a voice

For those who are kept in cages
Or are confined in small areas

To be trucked off to the slaughterhouse at a young age
To be someones momentary taste pleasure

We will then connect to our higher super consciousness
And to the God Source

Healing ourselves
And clearing out hidden subconscious programming!