We are the masters of our reality

Our inner words are like magic spells
Influencing the energy that shapes our destiny

Embrace a new powerful inner dialogue
Be mindful of what you tell yourself

Speaking love and positivity to oneself and to others is essential
Each feeling and intuition connected to your words are the conductors
That echo what you say through the cosmos

Each phrase is an alchemy that transforms your world
Take out doubts of self criticism

What you think you become
And what you feel you attract

Viewing the world with positivity amplifies a positive impact
That resonates in subtle vibrations permeating the cosmos

Your inner words are the essence of your creative ability
What you imagine is what you create

Nurture your inner words with patience and persistence
Your mind will become fertile ground for growth
And for the blooming of realization

Go beyond the borders of limitation
Move into the domain of accomplishment

We are the sculptors of our own fate
And the designers of our destiny!