You can transcend the limitations of your current reality
And invite new possibilities to unfold

You can create positive transformations in your life
And manifest your dreams

You hold the key
To unlocking your deepest desires and aspirations

You are worthy of success and happiness

Replace self limiting beliefs
And cultivate a mindset of abundance and positivity

Let your words become spells
That shape your new reality
And create the life you envision

Affirmations rewire your thought patterns
They plant seeds of positivity
Which take root and blossom

Develop a respect for manifestation
Laser beam your focused attention
And put yourself in the drivers seat of your reality

Craft resilience and emotional fortitude
Reveal your internal robust strength
That gleams more brightly than the purest metal

Polish your sacred calling with empathy and compassion
And you will be selected by the cosmos to guide others
Illuminating their path with your radiant inner light

As a chosen one
You acquiesce to the universes design
And you realign with your authentic self

A self that understands its inherent value
And brings a wholeness to relationships

You are now lavishly embraced by the Divine
And your sacred calling culminates in a more harmonizing and inclusive reality
For all!