Most aliens cannot transmute their bodies
In and out of portals
They need human bodies to do that

They can access other dimensions mentally
Because of their DNA strands

The Insectoid Queen can project her thoughts
Into any other reality
She is extraordinarily powerful

Humans also have potentially infinite consciousness
But our level of awareness is extremely low

That is because all humans have been genetically altered
Except maybe the Aborigines of Australia
Who have the original O type blood

Secret military programs
Work directly with Insectoid and Reptilian species
In hybridization programs

Participants get enhancements
Through insertions of alien genetics

They are imbued with psionic abilities
Such as remote viewing astral projection and shapeshifting

But because of their new genetic make up
They need human blood to survive

Most all the blood from blood drives and hospital blood tests
Goes to their breakfast drink of human blood

But this negative system is coming to an end

Star Seeds and Indigos are clearing out energetic imbalances
In their bloodlines and extended family of origin

When these mental and emotional issues are resolved and cleared
It then spiritually extends to cities and nations
And finally to the entire human race

The secret of the master code 777
Is that for every healing
7 generations connected to it will be affected
And can experience miraculous healing

This is because there is one underlying energy field
That connects all life

We are energy
And the physical world is like a dream

We are at the brink of a revolution

God exists in all of us
And consciousness is what links us to our higher selves!