Consciousness is the capacity for experience
A sequence of thoughts
An inner witness to an outer world

All animals have consciousness
They possess a soul

They have mental pictures of the world
Full of sounds colors smells and sensations

They recognize people and places
They show fear and excitement
They sleep and dream

All dog owners have seen their pets when asleep
Twitch their feet and toes as if they were running

When an animal yelps or whines
They are feeling pain

It is a common sight to see at a slaughterhouse
Tears in a cows eyes
That is because they are crying

The crying out of animals goes unheeded
By apathetic and consciously suppressed humans

Animals exhibit a multitude of expressions associated with consciousness
Dogs will cower if they are being yelled at
And feel jealous if other dogs get more attention

Pigs are more intelligent than dogs
There is no excuse to love one and eat the other

When animals are abused
It has a vibrating effect on all other energy
And affects our own mind and consciousness

All life is an equal aspect of the same energy
There is no separateness
Except in the illusion created by the negative ego

Insects do not have as rich of an inner experience as humans and animals
But they do have consciousness and a nervous system

Plants are remarkably conscious
They react to our thoughts and emotions
But they do not have a nervous system to feel pain

All organisms are in a vast matrix of dynamic awareness
When one is suffering or being killed
There is a disturbance in the electromagnetic field

Even water responds to our thoughts and words
Which are wave forms

Water reacts to love and music
By the beautiful symmetric sacred geometrical molecular crystals it forms

Ill intent causes non symmetrical forms
All organisms are about 70 percent water

That is why our thoughts are extremely important
But intent from our heart is most important

The universe is one solid undifferentiated energy
Resonating at different frequencies

Animals are innocent and resonate at higher frequencies!