Our universe is a torus
We are in the center layer
The Tesla wave vortex goes through the middle

The frequencies we put out twist around
And come back to us

We support the field by our energy
If you do not give you deplete yourself

If you internalize other peoples negativity
You will also become negative

Keep yourself positive and your light energy will expand
And reprint itself into a new hologram

You change the geometrical pattern of the field with your specific resonance
You create reality by the algorithmic manifestations of consciousness

Sacred geometry has sound wave potency
Light energy builds itself into new structures
The Cube of Saturn became the Temple of God in the City of the Most High

We are light and sound
Shift the structure of your thoughts
And become a Holy Temple

When an atom vibrates at a higher frequency
It replicates itself and becomes 2 atoms

When energized the vortex of Venus replicated itself and became 2 vortexes
And transformed into the Owl or the Eyes of Athena

Realities expand into greater realities
You transfer to a new reality by how you reprint the next moment

You create a new reality be giving and sharing thoughts and feelings
The way we treat others is the way we treat ourselves

When you support an idea you give it momentum
And you feed with your field the perpetual motion of the torus field!