There is another whole world beneath us
Inhabited by a different species
More advanced than we are

They work in corporation with the military
And are obsessed with our DNA

They have hybridization and breeding programs
To genetically modify the human body

Their goal is to eventually inhabit
All human bodies on the earth plane

Starting with the conquest of Lemuria and Atlantis
And ending with the overthrow of Tartaria
They control human affairs

Through genetically modified human puppets
Which are the elite
And through the human bodies they possess
And also through the human clones they inhabit
They farm humans and use us for their own benefit

Their human puppets who continually lie to us are vastly rewarded
They are in a hierarchy in the freemasons
The higher ones are more rich and usually more famous

They use high tech weaponry to mind control us
Technology that directs EMF waves
Which our conscious mind cannot detect

They want to bind with our original eternal DNA
But have been unable to do so

They can exist in our bodies only on a temporary basis

Their intrusion into our world has damaged the time cycles

As blue plasma waves replenish our plane
With instruction sets of the original coding
And are installed in our collective consciousness fields
Future timelines will resonate with much higher frequencies

The human energy field and our consciousness will radically change
Dissolving the dark obstacles that are tethered to lower energies

It is important to remember aliens are parasites
And need our energy to exist

If we cease to fear
And if we align ourselves to higher frequencies
They are powerless

We do not need a Savior
We need a higher vibration!