Events on the earth plane happening now
Are connected to timelines happening in
Multiple other harmonic dimensions

Our realm has higher dimensional counterparts
Which merge with our etheric levels
And absorb our lower vibration

We are controlled by the fear of death
And are not trained for our passage from here

But if we obey the natural laws of the universe
We generate frequencies from our beliefs and behaviors

If we let go of karmic patterns
And clear out personal trauma
That fractures the soul
Which keeps us tethered to lower frequencies
We alter our DNA and our energy field

Our individual DNA sequence is responsible
For our level of consciousness
As well as access to portals and stargates

It holds dimensional keys
That unlocks doorways

Our sequenced DNA is a natural bio spiritual internet

When we do DNA tests to learn about our ancestry
We are giving easy access to our intimate details of our consciousness

Our DNA is then sold to nefarious groups
Who use it to gain control over our conscious energy

Unplugged DNA is how we have arrived
At our current state of disconnection

Accessing our consciousness energy
Is also used for generating virtual reality systems

If we are aware of these energy assaults
We can override them by maintaining
Inner spirit connection

As we learn to listen to our body
We get the power and knowledge to heal ourselves

When we discriminate against other humans
Or against other species
It reverberates to the very core of our DNA pattern

When we compromise our personal integrity
We allow a back door vulnerability
For dark force manipulation

And the incarnating human will no longer be able to use
Their own spiritual body to access universal energy and truths

Because our DNA is scrambled
It is no longer being used
It is unplugged and inactive
And is what scientists call junk DNA

Just as slave owners lose their inherit human qualities
Believing others are a piece of property
Which makes cruelty and brutality acceptable

We also lose our innate capacity to feel
For others enduring miserable conditions
When we participate in the meat dairy and egg industries
By consuming their products!