Our higher self is made up of spectrums of frequencies or vector fields
They contain blueprints of harmonic language
And have the potential to activate codes in our DNA
That propel our consciousness forward in multidimensional pathways

We are complex energy circuits with entrance and exit points
The main channel of current runs through our spine
Which directs certain amounts of bio electrical energy
To organs glands and all processes occurring in our body

Each person is a resonating acupuncture point of frequencies
Transmitting and receiving signals
Influenced by their consciousness memories and unique timelines

We exchange electrons with the earths electrical circuit
Electrons radiate and absorb energy in the form of photons of light
Which carries data consisting of electromagnetic signals
It is this method which is our grounding mechanism

The earth is a natural living consciousness
Consisting of its electromagnetic field of assorted frequency currents

The ley lines are the circuitry of the earths brain
Creating sequences of harmonic resonances
Of horizontal diagonal and vertical currents
That stream through vortices in the astral plane

Which project the frequencies of our holographic reality
That we collectively experience

When we ground ourselves and ascend
Our original DNA language is restored
And we come back online and separate ourselves from the counterforce of alien technology
That is being blasted towards us

Sailing through the choppy seas
That are generated through the convergence
Of many forces at once

Discovering our true multidimensional spiritual identity and origins!