In the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey
Scientists find a strong magnetic field emanating from Tycho
Tycho is the northernmost point on the moon

The moon is a dielectric non polarity to the suns positive charge
The moons cold light is not from warm light of the sun
But from the interaction with the electromagnetic field in the ionosphere

Neither the sun nor the moon is in mythology and are new to our sky
Luna was an aspect of Venus later ascribed to the moon
Sun gods such as Helios were Saturn

The moon is a composite of at least two images superimposed on each other
One image contains stars and the apex of the universal axis or polar column
Which is superimposed on the moon as Tycho

The other superimposed image is of our realms land masses

The moon was associated with silver by alchemists
Silver nitrate is also called lunar caustic
Silver nitrate is essential for traditional photography

During light exposure the silver nitrate crystals grow
This is called printing out the image

The moon is a projected image of light
That when it was created captured the reflection of our realm above and below
By the use of silver nitrate

The exact procedure is shrouded in mystery
But it has to do with the Black Magic grids
Which are embedded energetic architecture
Or tangible alien technology that perpetuates harm to our world
By manipulating the plasma flow of the universal axis

The superimposed image of land masses contains Lemuria
Which has now become a vestige of islands
Fiji Tonga Samoa Cook Tahiti Easter
The Hawaiian Islands The Ladrones The Carolines and Gilbert
All these islands contain megalithic structures

The so called craters on the moon are just a bubbling effect
Akin to x ray photons

The moon is a historical moment of our realm captured in time

Another big continent that shows up in the image on the moon
Is probably a land mass that is being hidden from the general population

In the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey
The magnetic field emanating from Tycho
Is from a black monolith

The black monolith represents the source of our energy
Our source of energy is the north polar column
Which is actually a massive Tesla Coil running through our universe
But is now dark and hidden

The Umbilicus Lumeria is the navel of the moon
But it is really an image of the navel of our realm

The same as Hvergelmir
The great whirlpool inside Mt Mera
Which is the magnetic mountain

Hvergelmir every six hours reverses its direction
Alternating between drawing in and expelling the worlds oceans
Thereby creating the currents and tides!