The gorgeous Gothic Cathedrals
Were built with advanced ancient builder knowledge
Which included extensive geodetic cymatic understanding of ley lines

They were healing centers of energy
And access to higher understanding of spiritual sovereignty

The Essenes from Nazareth which is where Jesus is from
Came to Gaul and Britain to be initiated into these Mystery Schools

Nazarene communities sprang up around the Cathedrals

The Cathedrals were unifying architecture
That spanned multiple dimensions into the Cosmos
Unifying the Universal Axis or Spine of Albion
With the Earth Plane

The Crown of Mars was a plasma toroidal ring at the top of the Axis Mundi
Right below the pure blaze and holy torch of Venus

Venus was also the Solar Dragon

In the former age when the planets were congregated in the north celestial realm
Mars would ascend in front of Venus
This was St. George battling the dragon
A result of plasma discharges

Or the hero in the belly of the whale or serpent monster
Which is Jonah

This was also the Son of God being born of a virgin
And the Heiros Gamos or sacred marriage of Isis and Osiris

The invading reptilian parasites were able to dissolve this heavenly configuration
And threw our world into turmoil

Venus the Lady of the Lamps became the Dark Mother or Black Madonna

Reptilians have been a scourge against humanity

They used cloned hybrids of the red haired giants
Who were the builders of the pyramids
To terrorize and cannibalize local populations

They introduced blood drinking
And the consumption of animals

They consume the living essence of humans
In order to prolong their lifespan

They gave power and authority to those humans
Who cooperated with them

The ones who use spells such as anagrams
Wal Mart = Martial Law
To carry out their agendas

They prohibit anyone from leaving our realm and entering Antarctica
Antarctica surrounds us and we live on a flat plane

They use the excuse that penguins are endangered
While they slaughter them and use their DMT for their freak shows

Which are their Satanic rituals
The Theatre of the Absurd!