Dark forces are inseminating a division between genders
To suppress the energy of love and replace it with discord

True love reconnects us to our true creation
And opens up portals inside of us that energize new positive timelines

True love fires up the arch in humanity
That reconnects us to the etheric template of the earth

The heart is where the divine essence
Yearns to fully manifest in the material world

A sense of the numinous lifts us outside our everyday routine
And connects us to the divine

Our true nature is unconditional love
When we represent that ideal state to others
They will show up to enjoy that state with us

Never accept as the ultimate truth of others
That what you would not want to be true of you

When you are around others
Relate to them with the magical language of the inner soul

Overwrite the nefarious script programs
That have taken possession of the human psyche
What you give is what you receive

The lower avatar incarnated person wanders around like an amnesiac ghost with no purpose
Thier secret identity is buried somewhere inside themselves
As they engage in activities which merely decorate their false self

A consciousness of new positively charged neural pathways
Will project magical manifestations that set you free

The kingdom of heaven is inside you
Which is in direct opposition to the loveless nightmarish reality
Taught in the long years of educational indoctrination
That seeks to undermine your true cosmic identity

As you embrace your higher harmonic reality
Negative timelines will eventually cease to exist

The vast potential that exists beyond what is known
Is directed by a higher intelligence

Focus your attention on the infinite
And you will receive the entire cosmos!