The moment you think of a negative
It is printed in the quantum structure

The amount of your negative thoughts
Determines how much you are fluctuating

Before you are enter a hard situation
And convince yourself to have approach anxiety

Think of yourself as a tuning fork
See yourself vibrating at a desired frequency
And focus on it

Words are vibrations with meanings
What you say will be the result of what you are vibrating

You will surprise yourself
When you say the right words and feel good emotions
In a situation you would normally want to avoid

Learn how to switch tonality
If you talk soft you will project insecurity and nervousness

Breathe in your nostrils and air will go right to your diaphragm lungs and abdomen
You will be filled with the plasma energy which is the spark of life

When you are vibrating correctly full of the plasma life force
You will illuminate and radiate strength
And naturally speak at the tone which fits the circumstance

Do not have a victim story because that is what you will experience
Turn negative events in your life into positive outcomes

You are in different hologram
Be in the now

Do not look for validation from others
Be complete in being centered in your abundant self

Do not devalue yourself
Tell yourself about your attributes in only positive ways

Do not be concerned about what others are thinking about you
They will respect you more if you do not care
And they will return shortly to only thinking about themselves

Do not beat yourself up if you are not perfect
The human experience is far from that

Get to that place of being pure centered calm and clear
And you will once again have fertile ground to successfully create!