In the movie The Truman Show
Jim Carrey plays Truman
A guy who does not realize he is being watched
By people from afar

And a lot of other people are in on it

Controllers in Antarctica watch us as if we are in a movie
With paid actors
Who are part of their family lineages

They have written the script
And have sold us out
Making a deal with Draconian entities
The Brotherhood of the Snake

Who grow cloned humans in labs
For their organs and tissues

If a person is cloned
It interferes with their physical and spiritual functioning

The Reptilians have also genetically modified humans
The reptilian tail which is prominent in the fetus
Is a sign of ownership

It is a tag identifying humans as property
To be used in trafficking schemes
Routing humans to be used to work in slave colonies in future dimensions

And because we are bio electrical beings
They drain our energy for their own use

Reptilians allow the controllers to live thousands of years
Through advanced technology
While the rest of us die early deaths

The family actors fake their deaths
And transfer to another body
Putting off accountability for what they have done

The Nazis who were part of this family
Infiltrated the power elite and intelligence groups in Antartica
Going underground

Reptilian genetic modification hinders kundalini activation
In the general population
Making it very challenging our transduction
Or quantum leap into the shifting timelines of higher realms

By developing awareness of the many natural and artificial electromagnetic vectors
We gain clarity and control of the direction of our own bio electrical field
Or consciousness stream

Aligning ourselves with the Universal Laws
Which is our highest divine purpose

We then master our souls
No matter who or what is interfering!