We are holographic light projectors
Moving from one station of reality to another

The quality of the forms we are in consent with
Determine the corresponding dimension and the unique laws we subject ourselves to

Negative forces are in the lower dimensions
And create servitude and bondage

Higher dimensions create sovereignty and freedom

The intent of our thoughts will generate frequencies
Which attract vibrational matches

Most people cannot discern the level of deception that is being carried out
And as a result are aligning themselves with negative forces

Nor can they conceive of the alien machinery and AI architecture
That manipulates humans to spread negativity on the earth plane

We co create our world of forces
Aligning ourselves to either harmful control matrix entities
Or the God Source which puts us on the path to heal negativity and the contents of our pain

The Laws of this Reality are intensifying and impacting quickly

The forces of kindness and the forces of negative energy are being magnified
And returned to its causalite or source rapidly

Making people either conduits of chaotic self destructive expression
Or of harmonic virtues which bring fulfillment to the soul

Our consciousness is now quickly linking to energy associations
Synthesizing with them
And animating them!