The conflict with the Giants
And later with the Tartarian Empire
Left huge ice barriers between realms

This climate change was accomplished by directing
Massive amounts of energy
At the Saturnian configuration of planets in the North

Saturn was the Beloved Father
Whose reign produced the Golden Age
A time of prosperity and abundance

Today the planets are situated relatively close to our earth realm
But were even closer back then

In 1726 when the book Gullivers Travels was written
The ice was not yet present

Gulliver went to the island of Lilliput
Which had 6 inch tall people
And to Brobdingnag occupied by giants

The island of Glubbdubrib had magicians and sorcerers
The island of Houghnhmng had talking horses
And there was also the flying island of Laputa

These areas are said to be somewhere way South

But a flying island can be explained by its proximity to the North Celestial Axis
Which is a highly charged stream of plasma
Flowing through the center of our universe

Sorcerers and magicians would be the result and manipulation of these same electrical influences
Each realm having a different frequency

The power of the Wicked Witch of the West
Was much less in the Munchkin city
In the County of the Land of Oz

Magnetic frequencies would also influence the mind
Telepathic and communication skills would be greatly increased
Allowing animals the ability of speech

Which was the case here many hundreds of years ago
When eating animals was not even considered

Would you eat an animal who could talk to you like a human

And when there was an abundance of fruit
That supplied all our nutrient needs

And a time when our bodies were a lot stronger
In less need
Due to the energetic influences of Saturn

In the movie Frozen 2
Else goes North into uncharted and enchanted lands

Recently a city got uncovered in the Arctic
Explained away as an ex military base

The unleashing of enormous energy
Not only caused a massive climate change
But caused vast geological upheavals

Such as the flooding of Lake Agassiz and Lake Bonneville
And the formation of the Rocky Mountains
As testified to by Native Tribes

Today both the Arctic and Antarctica are no fly zones
And are monitored constantly by the military!