The Dream walking state is a transportation of consciousness
One focuses on a person situation or location
Feeling the energetic signature and seeking unity

It makes memories come alive again
That are recorded in genetic imprints

It is a way of impacting history and shifting timelines
By collapsing or promoting wave potentiality

It can restore harmony and energetic balance
Preventing destructive probabilities
Changing how the electromagnetic signal or pattern
Is expressed in the manifest being

Releasing accumulated pain
Which has created energy harvesting stations for negative beings

Dream walking sources the origin of the frequency
Whether it be off world or not
That has distorted the behavioral patterns in human phenotypes

Changing the recorded archetype
Of symbols number codes geometric patterns and holographic inserts
That creates the narrative which influences minds and controls consciousness levels

At night while sleeping our Diamond Sun consciousness will leave the physical body
To also accomplish a project in the astral plane

Since we hold the encryption of our birth transduction sequence
That energetically reveals where we are from
Our identity is keyed to the earth

As we translocate to another realm
We transfigure to a more translucent state
And subject ourselves to the laws of that realm

The matriarchal society of Lemuria
The Celtics Essenes Native Americans and Aborigines of Australia
All practiced the Dream walking state

Transmigrating themselves into a Cosmic Citizen
Achieving full sovereignty and spiritual freedom!