The voices of another world pierce my ears
Yet soothe my mind

While the memory of distant days
Holds my spirit

A vision of youth spent in a dream
Has given way to dreams of a battle
Fought at twilight

Our lack of self awareness
And deficiency of love from closed down hearts
Has prevented us from seeing the sacredness of all life

Our original angelic genetic template
Has been smothered in indifference

Stay in the luminosity of the heart
Mysteries are revealed to the human
Whose light is shining

We are remarkable beings
You are what you have been looking for

Incorporate and express all aspects of yourself
Resolve emotional conflicts
And attune yourself to All That Is

You can track the progression
Of your relationship with the universe
By the number of synchronicities you experience

The universe is in you

When we express benevolence and compassion toward all life
We will experience a deeper interconnection

We cannot be fully free
Until we are aware of our consciousness enslavement

No one can live fully free
Until all are freed!