Most people look at this manifested realm
As purely materialistic and one dimensional
Thereby completely misinterpreting reality

Genetic digression results when human consciousness is unaware
Of its true history and natural multidimensional being

Cellular memories of the original divine human design are then eradicated

When suffering a trauma
We shut down a part of our psyche to protect ourselves

Sub personalities develop that hide behind amnesic barriers
And we weaken ourselves with fear

Negative emotions generate shadow elemental substances and dead energies
That build up and become enmeshed with our physical layers
Forming energy blockages

When emotional conflicts are not cleared and the heart center opened
Our higher consciousness is shut off
And our shadow selves will come to the fore

Our shadow selves consist of accumulated traumatic memories
Along with the negative ego
And karmic superimposition

This dark consciousness will sabotage our divine purpose
Preventing us from finding deeper meaning in life
Dampening our joy

We are then subjugated to lower astral energies

The person in this fallen state becomes a vibrational match for dark forces
Making it easier for negative entities to capture and use the soul

Siphoning off the life force energy
For the purpose of maintaining their phantom matrix reality

Harmonical emotional responses then become imbalanced
Generating uncontrolled impulses as a way to release tension

These distortions interfere with the divine blueprint
Interfering with proper energy movement up the spinal cord

Blocking connection to the natural world
Causing people to have no feeling with others

We must find a safe place
To heal our emotional wounds and traumas
To unwind the emotional constriction patterns
That consolidate into energy blockages

Applying self compassion is the first step

We must transmute the shadow self
Into a conscious authentic and loving personality!