There are multiple scales of conscious energy
The higher the scale
The more refined and the more enlightened

The higher the intention
The higher the quality of manifestation
And the greater the ability to co create with quality energy

The highest realms have no time

And are without duplicitous ego personalities
Which have hidden motives to get the upper hand over others

There is nothing more stronger
Than your infinite connection to the god source

When you comprehend your personal power
You can heal and clear emotional wounds

Your attention directs your energy
While your intuition transforms your energy

As you heal you connect to your stations of identity
That exists at multiple dimensions of existence

Distancing you from the mass psychological operations
Which are programmed by AI

Protecting you from the subtle and not so subtle dark forces
That exert control over your soul

And lifting you up into the organic blueprint of creation
Instituted by the Universal Founders!