All crimes against humanity and the animal kingdom
Are on record in the higher planes

The callous indifference of our death culture
Along with an attitude of non accountability
With no ethical consideration
Is endorsed by the non immediate consequences
And so the erosion of the soul goes unnoticed

We also develop dissociative behaviors which eliminate empathy
Keeping us stuck in a 3D mindset
Paying attention only to that which fits into our microcosmic world and belief system

Our falsified historical books and religious texts
Are for the purpose of mind control and ultimately alien takeover

The Roman Empire was in the Middle Ages
The Emperor Constantine ruled in the early 1700s

Black Magic Rituals are for the purpose of gaining control over others
The Reptilian brain delights in violence and gore
So they can feed upon the energy
The higher the level of the secret societies the more Reptilian genes they have

We have been thoroughly taken over
And the masses refuse to notice
They are under a spell
Which they refuse to consider

These rituals which include rape and sodomy and the drinking of the victims blood
Are done on ley lines to send and circulate negative energy

They believe the masses are so stupid and easy to control
That they deserve to be exploited and treated as objects

Some of these hybrids have astral glamour or supra luminal abilities
And is used to overwhelm the ritual victim

We are being farmed and kept ignorant

Cows as they arrive at the slaughterhouse
Refuse to get off the truck because they can sense death
And have to be electrically prodded

Humans think cows are so stupid it gives them the right
To puncture their head with a stun gun
Stab them in the neck
Hang them upside down
Let their blood drain
And rip off their skin
All while the cow is conscious

Then cut them up and eat them

We have been deceitfully socially engineered
To promote the death system

Even our religion promotes blood sacrifice of a deity
And the consumption thereof

Humans are drug addicts
Focusing only on getting their addictive craving quenched
Which sinks them further into the endless cycle of self abuse

Lowering our energetic field
Allowing ourselves to be continually harvested
By the shadows of dark forces
That we subjugate ourselves to

Many souls of humans and animals are unable to release themselves from the pain
Inflicted onto them by others
And are trapped in an earthbound state
Unable to evolve!