Reptilians have been gradually and cleverly
Revealing their identity

And slowly informing us of their agenda

Their intention to rule
Rests with the annihilation of consciousness

Reptilians have already started to inject
The idea of them living with us
Since the invention of TV

They want us to know who they are

They have been subliminally placing their agenda
In our minds
Trying to reprogram us

And manipulate people using frequencies
Certain patterns or pictures can put the brain
Into an acceptance state

They have survived because they have kept themselves
From being discovered
By keeping people asleep selfish and sedated

The media exists to confuse you

Their long term goal
Is to change humans to just energy producers

But your mind is very powerful

Crystals can amplify your thoughts

Mentally imagine your thoughts and intentions
Being implanted in crystals

Then imagine your thoughts expanding

When your heart connects to your head
That is how you manifest and create
Bringing in a new reality of higher vibration!