Our true genetics are not compatible
With hate abuse or violence of any kind

So aggressive mind control programs
Are required to keep us subconsciously in consent with dark forces

Artificial machinery distorts the energetic balance
Between electron and proton spin rates

Blackheart crystals are directing reversal currents in ley lines

By submitting to religious political or academic institutions
We submit to a warring consciousness

Repeating religious utterances
Develops in one a sub personality
And their outer appearance will be only a surface facade

When one is not authentic their minds are easy to exploit
Continued consent leads to entity attachments

Priests are a good example of a split personality
Gods humble servant on one hand
And a child molesting pedophile on the other

Politicians are also all sexually compromised

Members of the elite become famous actors and actresses
Then they disguise themselves with a new personality

Hillary Clinton was a member of the Bush family

She initially was a famous actress
The star of the movie Oklahoma
And the adorable Shirley Partridge in the Partridge Family

She then became the former first lady
And the fake wife of Bill Clinton

But behind the scenes she engaged in child sacrifice rituals
Where children were sexually molested

Then tortured so that their adrenal glands
Would produce a lot of adrenaline
For the consumption of adrenochrome

Anti human behavior is promoted by the alien agenda

Which is to genetically modify us

To weaken conquer and enslave us!