Revelation 9:11 says that the Abyss which is the Bottomless Pit
Will be opened
And Apollyon the destroyer will be let out
At the place of destruction called Abaddon

In 2015 CERN with its statue of Shiva
In front of its Geneva Switzerland location
Doing the dance of destruction
Had a big celebration
Of the return of Apollyon

These concepts were all actual occurrences
In the ancient sky
When the planets hovered close
And Mars came down out of lower heaven

The goal of CERN
Is to let in foreign energy
That will attract entities from other realms
Producing a negative and hostile spiritual effect

The 9:11 chapter and verse in Revelation is no coincidence

Millions of people were traumatized by 911
And are sleepers waiting for a trigger
That will put them into a sub personality

911 opened up the subconscious to receive sorceries

And by flashing the numbers 1 or 11
The trauma of 911 is absorbed by the subconscious

Soldiers are being trained in the Goat Lab at Fort Bragg
To use demonic powers to kill goats

The weaponization of demonic powers
Is also invoked by human sacrifice

The Ninth Circle of the Illuminati
Ritualistically sacrifices children

Red shoes worn by the Pope and other famous people
Signifies child sacrifice and cannibalism
The red shoes are of leather made from those who were sacrificed

Religious authorities are in the Phoenix Order
While Hollywood personalities are in the Order of the Golden Dawn

Both also practice pedophilia

Child star Heather O’Rourke
Was killed by Hollywood pedophilia

Hollywood stars are not who they pretend to be
Jaden Smith and Lil Wayne both have said they are not human

Lady Gaga says she is an alien humanoid
Who spent 3 days in a cloning vessel

Adele Justin Bieber and Kate Middleton
Have shapeshifted on You Tube

A smiley face
Is a symbol of synthetic transhumanism

The Black Awakening
Will be massive anarchy and chaos
To collapse society
And bring in the rule of the Anti Christ