1) Does fluoride in toothpaste fight cavities or is it a harmful industrial waste product that causes degeneration of teeth and the calcification of our pineal gland which dulls our vibration and spirituality?
2) Why do we boil lobsters and catch fish when it has been unequivocally proven that they are very sensitive to pain and eating them is very unhealthy since they like all animals are composed of saturated fats and cholesterol which impede our bodily processes?
3) Is the reason we are denied free energy the fact that if we are independent we could not be controlled?
4) Why did the 1990’s Superintendent of the Auschwitz Labor Camp now tourist facility admit that the Russians remodeled the crematorium that was once an air raid shelter to make it look like a gas chamber?
5) Why does a simple study of the so-called Auschwitz gas chamber show that it could never have been a gas chamber thereby rendering the idea of a holocaust implausible?
6) Were the 90 ton perfectly carved rose granite coffin like boxes in the Serapeum at Saqquara Egypt used for interdimensional travel?
7) Do you think it is wise to consume genetically modified crops which are referred to as GMO’s when they are sprayed with enormous amounts of the cancer causing chemical poison Round-Up?
8) Why is the geo-engineering of spraying chemtrails allowed when an abundant amount of toxic and even mind controlling substances are in them?
9) Were the railroads already present and the product of a prior culture that was radiated and ceased to exist in the early 1800’s?
10) Is HAARP which stands for High Atmospheric and Aerial Research Project actually a device that controls the weather and through harmonic resonance manipulation can alter the ionosphere?
11) Is the weather anomalies really the product of carbon emissions?
12) Why were the roads purposely blocked when people tried to flee the Paradise California fires and why did the 911 operator tell people to remain calm and stay in their homes and was the real death toll up around 50,000 which was a large portion of the approximate population of the whole surrounding area?
13) Is the news all scripted and fake and a unified network of lies? (the associated press)
14) Why in the California fires are cars flipped over and melted and moved over 100 feet from their original location?
15) Were the massive apocalyptic events in Lisbon Portugal of 1321, 1531 and 1755 which included liquification of the ground, enormous fires, estimated 9.0 earthquakes and tsunamis actually intentional resets?
16) Was San Francisco a large metropolis with amazing huge stone buildings that was rendered a ghost town in the early 1800’s by high powered energy weapons and the whole idea that it was quickly built up by gold rush miners a big lie?
17) Is the real goal of CERN to blast a hole through the plasma dome which envelopes us?
18) Is the financial system completely controlled behind the scenes by elite bankers?
19) Was the Great Depression just a aftermath of stopping production of currency and at the same time calling in outstanding loans?
20) Is Sirius which is also known as the Dog Star and which is the brightest star in the night sky an artificial object and will it soon be shot out of it’s position and hailed as a sign of future events?
21) Did you realize that at 4.5 hertz microwave energy will cause paranoia, at 6.6 hertz depression, at 11 hertz anger and anything above that hysteria, rape and murder and that most cell phone towers are rigged to unleash microwave energy?
22) Were Malcom X and Fidel Castro CIA assets and were the KKK, Black Panthers and Isis CIA constructs created to cause fear and division?
23) Was the sinking of the USS Maine, the sinking of the Lusitania, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin all false flags intended to justify the Spanish American War, WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam War?
26) Will WW3 start off by the US sinking their own Aircraft carriers The Abraham Lincoln and The Harry S. Truman in the Persian Gulf and blaming it on Iran?
27) Is the practice by doctors, dentists and veterinarians of radiating, operating and being drug pushers for pharmaceutical companies all about profit and has nothing to do with health?
28) Were the pyramids not tombs for pharaohs and kings but built to produce high energy that was transmitted by obelisks and was this energy the mechanism that was used to carve out, lift, transport, shape and put into perfect place huge megalithic stones?
29) Was the Coliseum in Rome not an entertainment venue for mindless Romans watching barbaric acts of murder but a highly advanced construction for the storage, energizing and distribution of water?
30) Why are we using plastic which is toxic and hazardous and is choking our oceans and adversely affecting all it’s inhabitants when we can use hemp instead?
31) Did you know as well as a plastic substitute hemp can be used for paper, textiles, clothing, rope, food, fuel, medicine, car bodies, construction of homes etc. but the growing of it is outlawed in the United States?
32) Is the Taj Mahal with it’s cylindrical towers not a mausoleum for a departed princess but a highly sophisticated electrical pumping station?
33) Were Cathedrals with their with their highly technical organ pipes and enormous bells originally machines that generated specific oscillating frequencies that promoted health, energy and well-being but now have been turned into religious churches that promote a false paradigm?
34) Were Star Forts ancient highly advanced architectural wonders built on ley lines that utilized the energy from the Earth and not old military fortifications?
35) Since our world has no Supreme Being that cares about politics or world affairs would it be closer to the truth that we are in some creation where we are observed as a curiosity like a kid with an ant farm?
36) Would it be not far from the truth to say that most all politicians are just slick talking gangsters in suits guilty of all sorts of crimes including pedophilia that would put the average person behind bars for life?
37) Is it true that many of the elite are hooked on the hormone andrenochrome which is produced when someone senses danger and to get this children are kidnapped and killed?
38) Is it also true that the elite are followers of Molech which is another name for Saturn famous for consuming his own children (moons) and this forms the basis of their religious sacrifice of children?
39) Is Victoria’s Secret that all the models are actually men dressed up as women to create straight men lusting after men? (transgenderism)
40) Why are we performing hideous lab testing on dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, mice, etc. that involve repeated torture?
41) Are we being lied to on a grand scale which the average person cannot conceptualize and thus refuses to believe?
42) Why are the US troops protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan which is where 95% of the extremely addictive heroin and opium come from that is distributed throughout the world?
43) Is the reason AIDS is predominantly in gay men is because they get sick from the intake of harmful viruses and bacteria located in the semen of other men and is the reason for their death the prescribing of the highly toxic AZT drug?
44) Is the policy of paving the earth and making rubber soles to disconnect people from nature and part of the plan to produce synthetic humans which are easily controlled? (transhumanism)
45) Is the impeachment hearings of President Trump just theatre for the simple minded goyim?
46) Is our DNA genome sequence intentionally being altered by microscopic chemicals in chemtrails and GMO foods both which have enzymes that cut strands and insert new edited versions of foreign DNA? (gene splicing) (genetic engineering)
47) Are stars created by resonant sound frequency of energy vibration as shown in the study of cymatics?
48) Are these subtle vibrations also responsible for the manifestation of life?
49) Are the catacombs underneath Paris that have an estimated 6 million neatly stacked heads and skeletons the result of a reset that wiped out the population and is now creating an electromagnetic disturbance?
50) Was Genghis Khan a highly distinguished Tartarian and not a murdering conqueror?
51) Was the Great Wall of China built by the Tartarians to keep the Chinese out of Tartaria?
52) Why are soft kills which include chemtrails, GMO food, Round-Up, fluoride and cigarettes legal?
53) Are all the shootings in the fake news stories to program our mind?
54) Was lead used by the ancients because it is a conductor of electricity?
55) Why are their outlines of cities in the Nevada desert that appear as if they were wiped out?
56) If God created the sun on the 4th day and the sun is used to discern the length of the day how were the first 3 days ascertained?
57) If two airplanes went in opposite directions to go to the other side of the earth wouldn’t the plane that went into the direction of the approaching earth spin arrive to the destination first?
58) If the earth is spinning at 1000 miles per hour then wouldn’t the other plane flying at 500 m/p/h with the spin have it’s destination come from behind?
59) If the atmosphere rotates with the earth why hasn’t it ever been felt, seen, heard, detected, examined or measured in any way and is the idea of a spinning round globe total lunacy?
60) When the planned apocalypse arrives and children go missing will it be said that they have been raptured when in fact they will be herded to underground bases for devious purposes such as propagating for the future working class?