We live under a planetarium like sky
The stars are embedded in the firmament or sky dome
They revolve around the north pole
And return to their fixed positions every year

Which could only happen if our earth plane was motionless

Originally we lived in perfect conditions
We cocreated our reality

Trees grew to incredible heights
They are a living highway
Fairies and Sasquatch use them to transfer to multiple dimensions

There was constant moisture and humidity in the air
The magnetic field pulled up water
From the fresh water oceans beneath us

The natural midst was imbued with minerals nutrients and magnetic vitality
That we breathed in and also absorbed through our skin
This was our food and we did not need to eat plants or fruit

There was no rain snow tornadoes hurricanes
There was no earthquakes
Which are electrically induced
There was no tsunamis
Which are the result of underwater machinery

Natural disasters are man made
After which the pedophile satanic cults come in
Via the Red Cross
And confiscate children

There are no underwater sliding overlapping shelves
And there are no colliding continents

Land masses have disappeared under the waves
Due to manipulation of the magnetic field

Alien technology has changed our ecology
Producing frozen continents and deserts
Destroying our constant and uniform warmth
Causing animals to hibernate

The Antarctic ice wall is not normal
And there is an artificial domed frequency fence above us
Both have been created to keep us from leaving

The underground channels have been blocked off

We are in a very small area of the bigger earth

But the veil is thinning
Benevolent beings want us to sing songs of hope
Of a better tomorrow

And to listen to the songs of the birds rivers wind and ocean
Which will regenerate us

We are only separated from these higher beings by vibration and perspective

We are in a mind realm that forms into physicality

Energy is in constant motion
And we can direct it!