Our dynamic current flow
Steers the course of our journey

When there is a harmonic resonance between two sounds
Which occurs when they share the same frequency
The sound is amplified

Similarly when aligning your personal vibrations of desire
With the frequency of high intention
You create a harmonic resonance with the universe

A positive high vibrational energy
Attunes resonation with abundance
Which amplifies the manifestation process
And magnetically draws your aspirations into reality

You will effortlessly attract opportunities
That align with those same frequencies

An abundant mindset produces favorable circumstances
Conversely an attitude of lack reinforces that in your reality

Getting grounded in the present
Allows you to align with the energy of the moment

Create an unstoppable momentum
Toward the realization of your dreams

Take inspired action
And draw in experiences that resonate with your elevated frequency

The ability to attract
Stems from a harmonious connection with the energy of the universe

When you operate from an inner space of stillness and trust
You naturally align yourself with the ebb and flow of the cosmos

Be a calm clear pond
That reflects the beauty of your desires

Cultivate a space of tranquility within
And you will become a radiant magnet for positivity
Drawing in experiences that resonate with your truest aspirations!