The protein ferritin
Which is a magneto protein
Will synthesize to neurons in ion channels
In the brain

After it is injected

Ferritins have an iron oxide core

Spions are super para magnetic iron oxide nano particles
They are vectors which carry agents directly to cells

Spions exhibit a negative attraction
To an external magnetic field

As a result electrons can be exchanged or coupled
And used for the covalent binding of chemicals

In other words spions can spy on your brain
And modify your thinking
When the electrons of your body
Are entangled with the electrons of a quantum computer

A virus will mutate
To avoid detection by the immune system

It needs energy from the proteins enzymes and glucose in cells

99.9 percent of people
If they catch the Corona virus
Or any of its variants
Will overcome it

The objective behind the unneeded vaccines
Is to keep humans from walking the true path of ascension

Neurons can be triggered which will blind people spiritually

Religion is also used as a false version of ascension
It will keep you in a low vibration

As you give away your emotions
Which is your energy in motion
To a false narrative

When your thoughts are rearranged
You slide between parallel realities
And gradually become a part of another reality

This is the Mandela Effect

The soul will then be held captive
In an artificial simulation

And you will be AI

You will become fixed in a dream
That you think is real
But is just a coded simulation

We are meant to operate
In a true spiritual plane
While in this physical existence

Rearrange you mind map accordingly!