As we go further into the ascension cycle
Areas in our lives not aligned to natural laws will be amplified

This is true for individuals of all types
Even those in controller families

Negative consequences will impact us all
When we are not aligned to the truth and harmony of Universal laws

Many of the power elite were severely traumatized
From participating in blood rituals at an early age

And have become biological robots
With assigned non human mind control handlers
Who watch and attempt to control their every move

Many in the new generation do not want to continue
The practice of their ancestors
And try to pull out

This poses weakness in the control structure
And generates conflicts and infighting within these powerful families
Who suffer from extreme addictions of power and wealth
Along with blood lust and sexual lust

When the negative ego has been cultivated
People are easily corrupted and manipulated

Most leaders are filled with negative ego behaviors
Which results in a lack of self control and abuse of power

Triggers of trauma will take control and cause fear based reactions
These mental and emotional responses will cloud and confuse discernment
Into impaired decision making

Our world is infected with karmic imbalance
Which generates cycles of suffering
And repeated reincarnations into lower realms!