The phony Dr. Fauci
Said that April 1
Will be the beginning of open season

Meaning the Covid tracing cops
Will be knocking at your door
Insisting you take the vaccine
Because your whereabouts
Has been traced to a known carrier

But chemicals in the vaccine
Such as polyethylene glycol
Which is used to protect the incoming RNA
Will cause severe allergic reactions
And induce anaphylaxis

Synthetic proteins called prions will be introduced
That contain pseudo ourivylyl
A unique nucleotide
That will express toxic polyproteins
And cause malformation
Triggering an immune response
And an overexpression of antibodies

Which will result in a profound drop of blood pressure
And organ failure
Causing sepsis shock

The new RNA will cause a folding of proteins
And will have pseudo ouridine
A chemical to reduce the immune response
So that the MRNA is not destroyed

The vaccine will also have an attenuated version
Of the highly pathogenic
SARS CO2 virus and HIV

Which will open up the nucleus
And act as a vector transporting
Complimentary DNA

These will be harmful and even deadly to
Immune compromised people
And especially the elderly

There will be self replicating nanobots
That will replicate RNA

We were never meant to have plastics
Or foreign material
Or modulated cells called viruses
In our body

We need now more than ever
To set our intent on positive

Whatever is honorable
Whatever is right
Whatever is pure
Whatever is lovely
Whatever is good
Whatever is virtuous
Think on these things

Creating our own reality with our thoughts

Our thoughts and intention
Will return in a form
That resonates within us!